Welcome to Martoke - a piece of paradise in the tropical shores of the Atlantic ocean, nestled in São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas, in the beautiful northeast coast of Brazil.

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Breath-taking views of the natural vegetation and the white sand beaches protected by miles of coral bank make it a delightful place to spend some relaxing days of your vacation.

You can choose from soaking-in the sun at the beach or relaxing in a hammock just enjoying the warmth of the tropical breeze and listening to nature's sounds. Maybe you would rather go snorkeling, scuba diving, boat riding, horse-back riding and nature-watching in the near-by patches of the Atlantic forest.

You will be comfortable in our air-conditioned bungalows with ceiling fans, bedroom with TV/DVD, equipped kitchenette with refrigerator, bathroom with shower, living room and internet access.

Packages are available: monthly, weekly, weekends and holidays for singles, couples, and families up to five members.


Web Site: http://www.aluguetemporada.com.br/imovel/p575605061

By phone: (55)(82) 3295-1288
Cellular: (55)(82) 99990-9292

Interesting things to see and to do:

  • The area's Colonial architecture
  • Centennial church of Holy Mother
  • Observatory Alto do Cruzeiro where you get a spectacular view of the coast
  • Riacho beach with amazing fine sand and huge palm trees,
  • The old town of Porto da Rua with typical bars and restaurants.
  • Tatuamunha River and its fauna
  • Miles of coral reef along the coast where you can observe sea life and swim in the little natural pools. You may also rent a sail boat (called "jangada") and spend hours touring the reef.
  • All kinds of handcraft are available to enjoy and to buy.

This region, known as "The Coral Coast", is part of a vast Ecological Route protected by the Brazilian Government.

The legend behind the name "Sao Miguel dos Milagres" tells of a fisherman who had a wound in one of his legs healed after recognizing the image of "Saint Michael" on the piece of wood he had found on the beach. Hence the name of the locality.

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